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DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2020
I put my crafting skills to the test and tried my hand at a recent candy heart wreath that I found on Pinterest and included in our monthly newsletter. It was super easy, fun and cheap to make! My 10 year old had a blast helping and eating the candy!
It now hangs on his 4th grade teacher's classroom door - he was so excited to help make this for her!

First I stopped at a Dollar Tree and grabbed a foam wreath ($1), 3 bags of candy hearts - which we really could have used just too, but when you start munching... just grab three! ($3). I also found a cute bell door hanger ($1) and thought it would be perfect to hang the wreath by, since I cannot make bows for the life of me. And the final piece was a blank "LOVE" sign I planned on painting ($1).
The other supplies I already had at home - glue gun & glue, small acrylic paint in pink, and some glitter spray (optional). Not too shabby for spending less than $10!

First we prepped the blank LOVE sign. I hand painted using a sponge brush and some pink paint. Once that dried, I used a can of glitter spray paint I found in clearance at Walmart. I didn't want to have to break into my stash of 400 glitters and let my kid play in glitter. If that is an option you want to try, dab some glue all over your sign and sprinkle glitter on. Once it dries, make sure to clear coat it with a clear spray paint (you can thank me later).

(I skipped this step, but looking back, it would have made it look a little nicer) If you have a light or lovey colored spray paint, paint your green foam wreath. It will help hide the ugly green between the gaps of the candy hearts.

As the LOVE sign was drying, I figured out how to hang my bell door hanger on the wreath. I didn't want to glue it, so I hollowed out some of the foam from the wreath and hot glued the point of the heart DOWN INTO the wreath. It held up nicely!

The fun part was the candy. We did a row at a time, maybe 5 inches at a time. Once we made it all the way around, we dropped down into the next row until we had it covering the inside and the outside of the wreath - where you can see it. We also did an extra layer towards the top to help hide some of the green foam wreath since I did not prep it with a spray paint.
Pro tip: I did the glue lines while my son and I alternated laying the candy hearts. Hot glue dries pretty fast, so the more help, the more you can get placed before the glue dries.

Once the candy was in place and everything was dry, we positioned our LOVE sign on it and hot glued that directly to the candy. And vio-la! an adorable candy heart wreath was made!

Have any fun and easy crafts you would like to share? Leave a comment and we just may feature you on our blog, Facebook or Newsletter!