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Get ready for spring break

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Spring Break is right around the corner! It's been a mild winter for some, and for others it has been a real chilly one - but I think we can all agree we are ready for some warmer weather vacations!

Start Planning early to make sure you get your place booked and ready! This also helps financially planning for things so cost isn't such a huge surprise once you book your place to stay. Get to know your destination and make a rough itinerary on what you plan on doing. Make sure to share this information with someone in case of an emergency.

I think all of us here at Family Watchdog have booked through VBRO or AirbNb at one time or another, which provides income for an individual over a large hotel franchise. When looking for a place to stay, we suggest a few things to look for:
Pricing - While we all are going to look for the best bang for our buck, make sure there are no hidden fees (like parking or cleaning). And if there are hidden gees, make sure to calculate those into your budget as well as a fair tip to the cleaners!
Availability - If you have to arrive early or depart late, can they accommodate?
Pet/Smoking rules - if you plan on bringing a pet, check out their policies as well as their deposit. Some places have non-refundable deposits for smokers and/or pets.
Location, location, location! - Wonder why a rental may be super cheap? It may not be in the best of areas or far away from all the attractions. Are you willing to commute for attractions?

By planning early, this also gives you ample time to snag some good deals! By surfing the web, you can find coupons and discounts for attractions! We love Groupon!

Speaking of planning early, have you looked into the services you will need for your home while you are gone? Start looking for a house/pet/child sitter early as these services book quickly with spring break approaching. Make sure to leave contact information and an emergency plan for the person watching things back home! I normally keep a detailed list on the fridge for my house and pet sitter with contact info of some local friends and family!

At some point before you head out for your wonderful, fun, and well deserved spring break break, make sure to go through some internet check lists of travel safety. There are so many on the internet, it's hard to just read one article. And they vary from vacation to vacation. Maybe you are flying to a beach or driving to the mountains - or flying to a foreign country? Research what you need to do to make your trip as smooth sailing and safe as possible. Many tourist attractions have scams (thank you Scam City on Netflix!) that are easy to fall victim to. Expert Vagabond helps point out those scams and how not to fall victim to them!

Roadways will be pretty busy during the few weeks of spring break, so make sure your car is road worthy and ready for an on-the-road emergency by visiting Family Handy man.

We hope you have a safe and fun spring break vacation! Tell us below any tips and tricks you may have for fellow readers!