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Staying Safe

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2022
This month I asked several women their best safety tips for staying safe and self-defense - and this is what they had to say!

Topic question: what self-protection advice do you want to share?
Here's one of my favorites: keep a can of wasp spray at your front door instead of mace. Wasp spray shoots WAY farther than most mace companies and will have the same effect if ever had to be used on an intruder!

"I tell my girls all the time to look at people in public, really look at them in way that they know you could describe them. I had a police officer tell me once most women attacked look at the ground or away and attackers are watching for that." - Laura E.

"Go with your gut. If it feels strange chances, are it is. Always tell someone where you are going. I even stress this to my boys. And if you think your being followed call 911 and drive to the closest police, fire station or even hospital." - Caitlin F.
Some follow-up comments on this comment:
"Also, if your family shares phones, turn location services on! Some of my children are adults now, but it's always a piece of mind to be able to check in on them when their running late somewhere" - Jenn C.
"If you call 911 and you don't know where the nearest police fire whatever (I don't recommend that as a hospital parking lot is big, and police/fire stations may not have people there during times or not looking at the parking lot. You don't want to stop your car and have someone get at you) is do yourself a favor and know what road you are on and what direction you are traveling. Note your mile marker or cross streets. And know your car make and license plate (yes people don't know their own car brand or plates). That will assist law enforcement finding you because they are gonna start heading towards you." - Christine F.

"So as an adult I highly recommend reading the Gift of Fear and learning about the 5 stages of a crime." - Christine F.

"If you are attacked, bite, scratch and spit on your attacker. Do your best to transfer DNA.
If you are abducted, leave your hair in their car/anywhere you can.
You can use your shoelaces to break zip ties." - Marissa N.

Felicia D. made a VERY valid point, "Adults will NOT ask children for help with most things."

"Do not be afraid to make a scene. Be confident. If you think someone is following you in a store, watching your kids, etc., speak up. Ask them what they're doing. Ask them loudly. Make people look." - Marissa N.

"I carry but also keep knifes in the doors of my car." - Chrissy N.

"When you put your car in park and the auto locks unlock your door, lock them back up if you are taking a minute to get out. Twice I've been sitting at Walmart going over my list and someone walking down rows has attempted to open my door!" - Jodi C.

"My dad always told me if someone tries to grab you to kidnap you scream, bite, scratch, hit, wiggle, do whatever you can, even if they say they have a weapon, he would say it's better to give them hell even if they say they have a weapon then it is to go willingly and be killed somewhere else.
Also never park your car where it's isolated from all the other cars. Always keep your eye on your surroundings and if you were to get snatched by someone try to keep track of your location, even if all you can do is keep track of which way you're turning.
Also, Google yourself and your town or state and see what comes up, find out what kind of personal information is out there, if your social media pops up and you can see your phone number or other easily identifiable information remove that information from those sites. This may not be true for someone with a super common name but for those of you with unique names it can be easier it finds you and that makes it easier for predators to find you also." - Tanisha S.

"I talk more to my kids about the people closest to them. Most pedophiles are people closest to you. Family, friends' family and even coaches" - Nikki A.

"There's tons of safety tips but the one I give most is - whether they're your parents friends, or your friends parents, that doesn't make them a safe person. It's okay not to trust someone just because someone else does. YOU decide when you're comfortable around them. If someone gives you a bad vibe it's usually right." - Britany G.

"When my kids were little, and we were at the park, it was 3 on 1. I got Tiles (little key chains that work with your cell phone) and gave one to each kid. They had them in their pockets. If they got nervous and couldn't find me - they could double click it and my cell would chime with the name of the tile, so I knew they were looking for me. If I couldn't find them, I could go to the app, hit their tile and it would make noise and they knew to stand still to wait for me.
Honestly only once did it ever have to be used, but it was a nice peace of mind." - Kat H.

These are all FANTASTIC tips from fantastic women who look out for the other's safety. What can you add to our list? Comment below and let us know!